Next Level Women Leaders approaches leadership training from the inside out. During day one, we focus on internal clarity and challenge attendees with focused introspection. On day two, we use that clarity to develop and refine external skills.

Day 1

Breakfast + check in
Connect with other dynamic women leaders while enjoying a generous continental breakfast and refreshments. 

Laying the foundation + connecting with your peers
We’ll spend the first hour getting to know you as a leader, introducing you to the program and team, and setting the stage for a challenging and energy-filled two days. 

Leadership values + vision
We lead and influence most effectively when we show up with authenticity. To do this, we must know what we stand for and where we're heading. Through a creative, introspective process, you’ll identify core values—the guiding beliefs and principles that matter most to you. Then, using these values as anchors, you’ll build a vision for your leadership to define how you will lead in the future. 

Catered lunch
Enjoy a delicious lunch, where you’ll have unstructured time to connect with others or escape for some quiet time to reflect. 

Defining your core message + writing your professional story
This session is a practical training on writing a professional story (also known as a bio). We’ll break apart the structure of a great professional story, look at LinkedIn examples across industries, and begin crafting a story that communicates your leadership values and vision. As a follow-up to this session, you’ll write a professional story that can be used across online platforms, including your company website and LinkedIn. 

Leading with presence
Drawing on work in psychology, neuroscience, and theater, this session gives you tools to shed negative thought patterns that can inhibit professional progress, and propels you toward a leader's mindset. A series of exercises help you integrate essential elements of presence—body language, voice, and use of space—to express that mindset externally. 

Day 2

Reenergize with breakfast refreshments while you catch up with newfound friends and colleagues. 

Digital presence: managing your leadership brand
We are not separate and distinct from our online selves. Instead, our leadership extends online, and we have to be active managers of our reputations and influence. Through a targeted digital tour of effective platforms, including LinkedIn and company websites, this session uncovers the principles of an effective leadership brand. You’ll discover how to align with your company’s brand while also making your mark as a leader. 

Speaking essentials for leaders
Public speaking—in meetings and more formal presentations—is a major part of every leader’s job, yet it can be a challenge. This session makes public speaking easy with a unique, step-by-step approach to messaging and delivery. You’ll come away with impactful, authentic presentation techniques that align with your values and vision, a fresh new talk you develop and deliver during the session, and thoughtful feedback on your content and speaking style. 

Catered lunch
Enjoy another delicious lunch. You’ll have time to connect with others or escape for some quiet time to reflect. 

Redefining the power wardrobe
Women leaders have a complex task when it comes to putting together a professional wardrobe. Style lets you show up as your best self; it builds confidence and supports optimal performance. But what does today’s power wardrobe look like, and how do you build one? This session guides you through the essential pieces in any professional closet, how to dress for your body type, and how to elevate any outfit. You’ll come away with the confidence and knowledge to create styles fitted to your body, your personality, and your leadership role. 

Reflection + next steps
Circling back to an activity from day one, you’ll have the opportunity to share and commit to your leadership vision with real deadlines and accountability. Together, we’ll celebrate the hard work and growth you’ve engaged in over the past two days.